Modeling Essentials

Here are a few things you’ll need as a model to conquer New York:

Headphones: not only are they functional and make your walking more enjoyable, they can also be very protective because you can pretend that you didn’t hear the guy on the street trying to distract you.
Black coffee: source of pure energy, and no bad calories. As all real New Yorkers say, “All you need is a coffee to start the day and win the prize”.
Shoes: I always have a pair of heels in my bag for castings, but you’ll never catch me in them walking around the city. Sneakers all day!
Portfolio: Have you ever seen tall girls lugging around huge black binders? Those are their portfolios, collections of the images their agencies think gives the best idea of who they are to the client. Thank goodness for the iPad, which has made everyone’s bags a little lighter.
Backpack: it’s convenient, fashionable and you can fit everything you want in there.
Hair extensions: not all women have beautiful hair naturally, just make sure you have hair clips in case!
Nude undies: I love colorful underwear as much as the next girl, but clients typically prefer nude under garments because they won’t distract from the outfit.
Good book: there is almost always a wait at casting calls, so I use it as an opportunity to get some reading done.






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