About when I decided to be a creative director and a model at once

Ever since I started working in fashion industry I have always wanted to produce a lookbook, a story…think trough every outfit that a model is going to wear, shoot in different locations. So CEO of Haute Rogue suggested me to take this challenge and create everything from the scratch. We picked LA to be a place for the shoot. In city of Angels you can find almost anything you want: the beach, a pier, national parks and palm tries, Hollywood boulevard even skyscrapers in Downtown. Our photographer Cody and I arrived super late and we spend almost the whole next day searching for the places to shoot. All in all we had 24 outfits and 5 locations and only one day to shoot everything. We divided outfits by location and adventure has begone. I have to admit that I was too bold to take a ¬†production responsibility on my shoulders because I also had to model, but I was lucky to have an incredible team with me who helped me with organizational part as well.
These is my favorite selection shot in Malibu park.

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